The Drift create semi-improvised music inspired by the landscape around them – the marshes and dense woodlands of rural Kent. They are Darren Pilcher, Rob Pursey and Amelia Fletcher.  Bass guitar provides an anchor, harmonium and melodica deliver melodies, underpinned by textures and rhythms created from the sounds of the local environment.


Nancy Gaffield and The Drift

Wealden is a collaboration between The Drift and poet Nancy Gaffield. In this new work, poetry and music composed in tandem, investigating this extraordinary Kentish landscape, from the marshland of the High Weald down to the sea at Dungeness. Much of this landscape is only a few hundred years old, formed by shingle and silt thrown up by storms. It may only last for another few hundred years, as the sea level continues to rise.


Wealden deals with the strata – geological, cultural and historical – that have been laid down over the course of one brief millennium, and considers the imminence of the sea reclaiming it all. The history of the Weald and the marshes is microcosmic of global patterns of human history and of climate change.

The physical copy (pamphlet and CD) is soon to be published by Longbarrow Press. It will also be available digitally on Skep Wax

Releases November 10, 2020